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Greta’s Friends – Unitarian Universalists For Nature

“Greta’s Friends – Unitarian Universalists For Nature”

Through a grant from the Delaware Invasive Species Council, the UUFN RE, Landscape, and Social Justice teams will be bringing a very exciting program to the Fellowship! Open to adults, families and children, the “Greta’s Friends – Unitarian Universalists For Nature”, will be an ongoing Adult and Children Religious Exploration project focusing on the UUFN woods – one of the largest remaining, privately-owned woodlots in the City of Newark. The program will involve learning about ecosystems, food chains, pollinators and native plants that support the health of the land, as well as non-native plants that invade. It will include games and activities for all ages and hands-on learning led by trained Habitat Stewards, Biologists and Arborists. There will be two components – one for children during the RE hour and a second program on the same day for adults and families, right after you get your coffee!

Program Dates:
January 5 10:30-11:30 (during RE), 11:30-12:30(adults, families – snacks included!)
February 2 – Native Plants with Ingrid(RE) and Lori (coffee hour)
February 23 – What’s That Plant?
March 15 – Getting to Know our UUFN Woods
April 5 – Good Guys and Bad Guys
April 26 – Trees with Pat
May 2 – 9-noon – THE BIG EVENT with UD Students – removing invasive species, plus a luncheon celebration!!!