Path to Membership

The path to becoming a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark is unique for each individual.

Participating in the various activities and spiritual opportunities at the UUFN is an excellent way to discover who we are and find out what fits your interests and spiritual needs.

The Newcomer & Membership Committee conducts orientation classes several times a year. These classes present information about Unitarian Universalism's history, principles, and theology; the UUFN’s programs and structure; and the privileges and responsibilities of membership.

The UUFN does not require a statement of belief as a condition of membership.

We do value diversity and welcome people of all abilities, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

Our mission is to be a community of spiritual seekers inspired to promote a just and compassionate world.

If you have more questions, contact the Newcomer & Membership Team. They will be happy to talk with you.

What is the difference between a: Visitor – Friend - Member?


A VISITOR is testing the waters to determine if Unitarian Universalism belief systems and the UUFN is a community that speaks to their spiritual needs. Visitors attend Sunday services and may also inquire about some of the many programs the UUFN sponsors but have not yet made a commitment as an active participant.

After a VISITOR has satisfactorily explored what the UUFN has to offer and decides that the UUFN is a community that they want to become actively involved in, the next step is to contact the Newcomer & Membership Team ( to become a FRIEND.


As an integral part of the UUFN community, FRIENDS have the opportunity to participate in and impact various teams, committees, programs, activities, etc. with their time, talent and treasure. From this active involvement deep interpersonal relationships are formed.

Some benefits of being a FRIEND include having access to and being included in the UUFN online Directory, receiving a permanent UUFN nametag, becoming part of a UUFN Family group and receiving assistance from our Helping Hands team.

Although not on the voter register, FRIENDS are invited and encouraged to attend and contribute their ideas in all congregational meetings.

As FRIENDS become more involved in our community family and want to make a stronger commitment, they are encouraged to contact the Newcomer & Membership Team ( to become MEMBERS.


To become a MEMBER a person signs the UUFN Membership Book signifying their belief in the purpose and mission of the UUFN and makes a formal commitment to support the UUFN with their time, talent and treasure.

Some of the additional privileges and responsibilities of MEMBERS include having a vote on all congregation-wide issues (voting on called ministers- Board members- annual budgets, etc.), the ability to hold elected positions, receiving the UU World magazine and being eligible to represent the UUFN at local and national events.

Has your experience at UUFN been positive?

Are you willing to make a commitment to support the UUFN financially
and also offer your time and talent?

If you are ready to become a member, email to schedule a time to come into the office to sign the UUFN Membership Book.