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Recycling Batteries, Light Bulbs and Styrofoam

The times, they are changing. And, the battery in your smoke detectors should ALSO!

Bring those old batteries in to UUFN Magazine Exchange Table. We will have a jug to put household batteries in, and we will recycle for you. We will leave a jug out so you can bring in during the week.

Are you also in the dark? Replace those burned-out bulbs and bring the old fluorescent, compact and LED in on Sunday and we will recycle them for you. There will NOT be a place to drop them off, so ONLY, ONLY ON A SUNDAY, A SUNDAY, FOR THAT’S OUR DAY…

Due to popular demand, Styrofoam recycle continues at UUFN. Put in the coat closet. We pick up twice a week and take to Delaware Solid Waste recycle bins.

For all these, if in doubt, bring it in and we will sort.