In Our Own Words – Lucy Stone & Olympia Brown

Two special guests, Lucy Stone and Olympia Brown, will speak at our service ‘in their own words.’  All UU’s should know of these notable women, but women’s stories often go untold and unremembered. Come and meet Lucy Stone, a Unitarian, and Olympia Brown, a Universalist, who will tell us about their lives and recall their accomplishments as they carried the flag of women’s suffrage and paved the way for every UU woman to “control her own person as a moral, intelligent, accountable being.”


Carol Simpson (aka Lucy Stone, 1818-1893) and her husband Bob Hewey live in Bloomfield, CT, and are members of both the Unitarian Society of Hartford and the Unitarian Universalist Society: East (UUS:E) of Manchester, CT.  Bob Hewey is the brother of UUFN’s own Pat Field. Since Carol took back her original name in 2011, she could be called a “Lucy Stoner.”

Susan Barlow (aka Olympia Brown, 1835-1926) and her husband, Malcolm, are founding members of UUS:E in Manchester and have spent 50+years attending services and volunteering there in many capacities. Like Olympia Brown, Susan believes that our liberal and living religion should “make war on the great social and political evils” such as suppression of religious freedom, unfair treatment of women, and institutionalized economic inequality.”

Susan and Carol created and presented this service at UUS:E in the summer of 2014.

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