What We Love Can be Saved by Rev. Amy Beltaine Jan 9, 2022

How are you the change you wish to see in the world?

Step by step the longest march can be won. It takes many drops of water to turn a mill. The struggles around the world for justice, peace and against violence can be overwhelming. It is easy to feel small.

Where do we find the strength to carry on?

ORDER OF SERVICE, Sunday Jan. 9, 10:30 am 


Prelude, “We Are the Flow,” by Starhawk

Welcome and Introduction

Call into the Circle of Love and Justice

Chalice Lighting/ Call and Response

Calling on the Spirits by Charlie Murphy

Gathering Song, “Come, Come, Whoever You Are,” #188 in Singing the Living Tradition (gray hymnal)

Time for All Ages, “The Tomato Plant,” by Rabbi Geller

Joys and Concerns

Meditation/Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Ritual with Song, “Child of the Universe,” by Libana

Offertory/ Dedication

Reading, “Anything We Love Can Be Saved,” (excerpt) by Alice Walker

Special Music, “Answering the Call of Love,” #1014 in Singing the Journey (teal hymnal)

Homily I, Reverend Amy Beltaine

Interlude Hymn “Step by Step the Longest March,” #157 in Singing the Living Tradition (gray hymnal)

Homily II, Reverend Amy Beltaine -

Song of Celebration, “Now Let Us Sing," #368 in Singing the Living Tradition (gray hymnal)

Chalice Extinguishing

Closing Words/Benediction


Reverend Beltaine provides a UU ministry of spiritual mentoring through individual and group appointments, Sunday services, rites, and rituals. She helps friends and family of the oppressed to break open instead of being broken by the pain in the world.

A graduate of Meadville Lombard School for the Ministry, Amy is on the coordinating committee of the UU Spiritual Directors’ Network and chair of the Spiritual Direction program at Cherry Hill Seminary.

When not pulling their little home behind them, Amy and (spouse) Hawthorne are at home in Portugal or in Portland, Oregon. Amy is an earth-honoring Process Pan-en-theist...and... aspires to become a Love-Ninja.

Connect with Amy at http://amybeltaine.info.