Remembering Our Ancestors & Universalism (Hybrid Service: Both in-person and on-line via Zoom)

This service will be presented both on-line via Zoom (send email to for a link) and in-person (go to for protocols.)

This Sunday is Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Day of the Dead, Samhain, a great time for an all-inclusive memorial service for all of our loved ones. The entire service is dedicated to those who have passed on. Whether you are worshipping at home or in person at the UUFN, we will be creating an ancestor’s altar.

This service will be more experiential than informative in that we will be honoring and loving our ancestors.
Here is what you need to bring with you to the UUFN that day:
(If you are joining online, have these on hand and be ready to participate at home.)
Both online and virtual will be participating!
*A picture or pictures of those who have passed away.
(It can also be a memento of theirs or an object representing them.)
* They can be a pet, or a famous person not related to you who has left a legacy for us.
* If you are at home have a candle, something to light it, a glass of water and tissues, along
with your picture or mementoes.

If you are in person at the UUFN, candles, water and tissues will be provided, just bring your ancestor’s remembrances.
People at home will help us cast a circle for Samhain/ or All Hallows Eve. This will include you in our circle. Those at home will be given special instructions just for online participants.

What a wonderful way to remember those who have passed on, surrounded by the love of this community. Blessed Be!