Service at 10:00am from Dover – “The Trade-Off of a Free Faith”

Sunday, June 11, 2023, 10:00am NOTE TIME CHANGE

Presenter: Reverend Kim Wilson, UUs of Central Delaware in Dover

The Trade-Off of a Free Faith

Who doesn’t long sometimes for a sense of security and certainty? A belief system that can provide answers and eliminate doubt can be very comforting for some people, especially if they are surrounded by like-minded people in a congregational setting. However, as UUs, we don't have a creed. In choosing a free faith over one that provides us with all the answers, what do we lose and what do we gain?



10:00 am Service From UUs of Central Delaware (Dover)

NOTE: This is a hybrid service, and starts at 10am. Come to UUFN to join the UUs of Central Delaware for their Sunday service.  Note that at UUFN, there will be a congregational meeting (plus pizza and cookies!) following the service. You will have an option to watch the service from home. More details coming...

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