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UUFN Circle Suppers are back!

Join in the fun of small group dinners that provide a great way to get to know other UUFNers. Ever feel like you would like a longer conversation with other UUFN people? Circle Suppers are an easy way to do just that. The Fellowship Committee /organizes Circle Suppers to facilitate conversations between newer and longer-time UUFNers. The Host provides the main dish and the attendees bring sides, beverages, etc. The Fellowship Committee groups people and kicks off the correspondence then the host coordinates the items to make the meal – or you can go true potluck and be totally surprised at the outcome! The dates for Circle Suppers for this church year are 10/13/18, 1/9/19, 3/17/19 (brunch!!), and 5/11/19. Please see the Fellowship Committee table during Coffee Hour for more information or to sign up. Contact Rachael Coffey for more information.*


*Members may look up Rachael’s contact information on the Congregation Builder website. If you’ve forgotten the login information please contact Leidy in the office, she will be able to refresh your memory.  Non-members may contact Leidy and ask her to send their request for information on to Rachael Coffey.