UUFN's Annual Service Auction will take place on
Saturday, October 29, 2022!

This catalog is from 2020, though that auction had to be canceled due to Covid.

It will soon be replaced with the 2022 catalog, but this might give you some ideas.

The Auction Committee is chaired by Mike Hoffman.
You can contact the Auction Committee at auction@uufn.org.

The annual Service Auction is the largest UUFN fundraiser of the year.
It usually raises enough to pay all UUFN expenses for 1 month.

What does “Service Auction” mean?

There are no “things,” no real items like at a yard sale. Instead, you ponder, “What service can I offer for others?” There are ethnic dinners, trips, lessons, and services like bathing the dog, shining silver, or offering to do what someone else needs.

Descriptions of offerings are regularly updated online, and a small catalog is used at the auction for people to bid on “Silent” or “Live” items.  Our long time auctioneer and juggler, Mike Hoffman, will do anything to up the bidding. Food, soft drinks, wine and beer are available, and FREE child care. Each auction has a theme, and many enjoy dressing and acting to fit the theme.

Volunteers are needed (experience unnecessary)!  

You can help with publicity, use the computer to enter donations, create the catalog, bid sheets, invoices, and thank you letters to donors, decorate, greet bidders and give them their bid number, help donors compose item descriptions, be in skits, set up/clean up and more.

And with only TWO committee meetings over 3 months’ time – the most efficient committee at UUFN!

What sorts of services do people offer?

Past offerings have included:

  • “It’s a Dog Party,”
  • “Microbrew Tasting and Dinner,”
  • “Buy a Sermon,”
  • “Pick Music for the Choir,”
  • “Authentic Nigerian (and many other countries) Dinner,”
  • “Pottery Lessons for Children,”
  • <“Family Pool Party,”
  • “A Tribute to Led Zeppelin,”
  • “‘It Was a Dark and Stormy Night’,”
  • “Day Trip to UU Churches,”
  • “Vegetarian Iranian Dinner,”
  • “Comedy Workshop,” “
  • A Night at the Opera,”
  • “Mothers and Daughters Kayaking,”
  • “Lavender Tea Party,”
  • “Overcome Your Fear of Filo,”
  • “Raking Leaves,”
  • Your Very Own Item Here!

Tell Me More!

You can get more information anytime from Mike Hoffman or Rachael Coffey, or by sending an email to auction@uufn.org.

And, watch for people with name tags like Plummer, Athey, Guinnup, Hall, Wenger, Schmiesing, or Hartranft.

For more information