Staying Connected: the essential affect

Affects direct our attention to some event. Shame affect directs our attention to situations of social “disconnect.” So what could possibly go wrong? We will explore the possibilities of healthy shame.

For those interested in reading Pat’s talk, it is available here (.pdf)  Before reading, it makes the most sense to first view the introductory video of Pat’s service, from Adam Roa, titled, “You are who you’ve  been waiting for”.

During her message,  Pat shared a talk by Dr. Brene Brown. Dr. Brown’s talk is included as part of the podcast of Pat’s message.  The PODCAST is just below the “Compass of Shame” diagram. (Keep paging down a bit…)

Pat describes shame as the feeling we experience upon partial interruption of positive affect.

People respond to this sudden disconnect in four characteristic ways, as described in the COMPASS OF SHAME:

Humans respond to shame in several characteristic ways.