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Guest at Your Table – Fundraiser for Carteret Islands


Guest at your Table

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee works to promote justice by helping displaced and oppressed people. Each year, UUSC has raised money for this work through the “Guest at Your Table” program. We put small boxes on the dinner table to hold the small coins we get each day. Not surprisingly the small change adds up and helps make big changes. UUFN is now running a campaign to raise awareness and funds. We will collect the little boxes Sundays up through December 10. At any time, you can write a check to UUFN with the notation for “Guest at your Table” and it will be sent in. You can donate directly and learn more at:

This year, UUSC has a started a program to aid people displaced by rising sea level. There are two projects, one with Native Americans in Alaska, and one with the people of Carteret Island in Papua New Guinea. One goal is to help them maintain their culture as they are forced to move to a new, higher location. For more: forced-displacement/

For more information, see Kip King, Guat-Lian Kreamer or Donna Shand.

All our nickel, dimes, and pennies help.


The UUFN Green Sanctuary Committee will coordinate this year’s Guest at Your Table program at UUFN. There will be a fundraising event for this program on November 12th during Coffee Hour.

The people of the Carteret Islands of Papua New Guinea are certainly facing big change. They are among the first communities on earth having to relocate because of climate change.UUSC: Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is supporting migration with dignity for the Carteret Islanders facing severe climate change impacts they did nothing to create.


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