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UUA Common Read March 2023 – Mistakes and Miracles

Our next book discussion will be the UUA Common Read, "Mistakes and Miracles: Congregations on the road to Multiculturalism" by Nancy Palmer Jones and Karin Lin.

Co-authors Nancy Palmer Jones and Karin Lin—a white minister and a lay person of color—explored five UU congregations' journeys toward Beloved Community. Their book, Mistakes and Miracles: Congregations on the Road to Multiculturalism, shares the joy, disappointment, and growth these congregations found.

The UU Common Read builds community in our congregations and our movement by giving diverse people a shared focus for reflection and action. A Common Read can take us on a powerful faith journey into what it means to be human and accountable in a world filled with both pain and joy.

Please respond to if you would like to be a part of this group.